Simply Clean Pro was created as a personal project to help me explore the UX/UI of a watch face via design and development. I wanted to create a unique battery indicator by removing the standard percentage and icon display and, instead, using 3 colored rings (red, silver, and blue) that indicate the percentage of the battery life (0-20%, 21-40%, 41-100%, respectively).

As a watch face geared toward people on the go, I wanted to include the most important shortcut buttons for quick access to Calling, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Heart Rate, and a steps counter. The Calling feature was added for the user to be able to call one of their stored favorites quickly. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are in the settings menu, with several interactions required in order to access them. At the tap of a button, the Bluetooth icon is able to access its connected device. Wi-Fi is able to be switched on fast to ensure those system updates can be downloaded, and data can be saved, making it a simpler user experience for active users.


Project Type



October 2017


Watch face Design


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Gear Watch Designer, Light Java, Samsung Gear S2/S3