I like to solve problems, create unique designs, and help customers reach people on the web.

About Sean

Sean Jendeski is a Vancouver-based (WA) interactive designer with an Associates in Applied Technology (Web & Graphic Design) from Clark College. At a young age, he became inspired by 2Advanced Studios (whose website is still visually spectacular) to become a designer. He is driven to hone their level of timelessness in his designs. This has motivated his passion for new and visually stunning pieces.

Sean has run the gamut of print and web-based work. He began in web design with templating, which further sparked his interest for graphic arts. From there, he's taken on screen printing, logo design, advertising posters, photography, and video production. He's also jumped into the world of development, primarily front-end.

With his work as a web designer, as well as his knowledge of development, Sean is able to fully embrace the interactive experience of users. He is constantly inspired by the new and exciting ways development is advancing, and he thoroughly enjoys stretching the limits of it with his designs.